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Fundraising in the Time of Coronavirus | Time for Innovation

The third post in our blog series focuses on mobilizing fundraising for ALL non-profits, not just those responding directly to the pandemic. Time to Innovate Since last writing, the pandemic has become a long-term crisis that will have deep economic and financial implications for everyone. A vast range of non-profits will provide vital services during the times of hardship that

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Fundraising in the Time of Coronavirus | Impact of COVID-19 on Fundraising

The second post in our blog series to help your organization navigate the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Impact of COVID-19 on Fundraising Asking for money when people are busy dealing with the impact of COVID-19 is a tough beat.  However, we must be careful not to make assumptions about how your donors will respond – you may be

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Fundraising in the Time of Coronavirus | Strategic Planning around COVID-19 by the Board

Currently, our only certainty is uncertainty. Planning around uncertainty is difficult but essential to ensure the long-term sustainability of your organization and the continued support of the community you serve. To help you navigate through these unprecedented times, Philanthropica is posting a blog series on how to fundraise in the time of coronavirus.  We prefer Love in the Time of

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Job Posting: Director of Development, St.George’s School of Montreal

St. George’s School of Montreal is looking for a Director of Advancement to lead the School through the campaign and provide an exciting opportunity for the community to further engage with the School. Please contact for more information.   DIRECTOR OF ADVANCEMENT St. GEORGE’S SCHOOL OF MONTREAL St. George’s has been a leader in progressive education since the 1930s,

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Job Posting: Chief Executive Officer, Sylvan Adams YM-YWHA

The Sylvan Adams YM-YWHA seeks an energetic, action-oriented and passionate Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to lead the organization through a chapter of revitalization and growth. Please contact for more information.   Chief Executive Officer Sylvan Adams YM-YWHA Montreal Jewish Community Centre The YM-YWHA was created over 100 years ago. It is a member-driven organization that responds to the needs

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New $800M Social Finance Fund Canada

Canadian government commits $800 million towards a Social Finance Fund, $50 million towards investment readiness. Philanthropica’s Camilla Leigh can offer the latest insights into Social Finance from the University of Oxford. Call us to find out more how your organization can benefit from the government’s initiative (514 928 3599).


Culinary Showdown raises $1.1M for breast cancer research

Philanthropica’s very own Tamara Granatstein’s unique skills as a peer-to-peer fundraising coach helped the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and the Jewish General Hospital to raise $1.1M for a great cause. Call us if you’d like to learn how peer-to-peer fundraising coaching can help to boost your fundraising results. Culinary Showdown whets appetite for more


GoodBox “Thinking Inside the Box”

Philanthropica’s Camilla Leigh has joined UK based start-up GoodBox as a Non-Executive Director. Providing cutting edge contactless payment donation solutions for non-profit organizations, GoodBox is set to transform charitable giving in the UK and globally. “In an age where we carry less and less cash, giving people the ability to donate by card is an essential innovation. GoodBox brings charity box giving up to date with

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BDO Philanthropica Seminar Register Here

“How Risk Management and Strategic Planning can Improve Fundraising” Click here to register Non-profit organizations are not immune to risk. The changing landscape of wealth and philanthropy in Canada challenges the status quo and poses new risks. However, with the right tools, Board members and senior managers can manage risk. Paired with strategic planning, risk management can be key to

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2017 Conference Series Anchor Presenter

Philanthropica’s Camilla Leigh is the anchor presenter for the Quebec Anglophone Heritage Network’s 2017 Conference Series ‘Diversifying Resources to Ensure the Advancement of Mission’, or DREAM 2017 for short! Presenting across Quebec, Philanthropica will bring practical tools and techniques to help community organizations grow their fundraising.


NEW CLIENT ANNOUNCEMENT: Dawson College $5M Campaign Counsel

Philanthropica is delighted to announce our new client, the Dawson College Foundation. Philanthropica will be providing Campaign Counsel for the College’s upcoming $5M Campaign to celebrate the College’s 50th anniversary.


Convene Canada 2016

Philanthropica’s very own Liz Gomery was delighted to be a speaker at the Association for Healthcare Philanthropy’s Canadian annual conference, 2016.