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“How Risk Management and Strategic Planning can Improve Fundraising” Click here to register Non-profit organizations are not immune to risk. The changing landscape of wealth and philanthropy in Canada challenges the status quo and poses new risks. However, with the right tools, Board members and senior managers can manage risk. Paired with strategic planning, risk management can be key to

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2017 Conference Series Anchor Presenter

Philanthropica’s Camilla Leigh is the anchor presenter for the Quebec Anglophone Heritage Network’s 2017 Conference Series ‘Diversifying Resources to Ensure the Advancement of Mission’, or DREAM 2017 for short! Presenting across Quebec, Philanthropica will bring practical tools and techniques to help community organizations grow their fundraising.


Convene Canada 2016

Philanthropica’s very own Liz Gomery was delighted to be a speaker at the Association for Healthcare Philanthropy’s Canadian annual conference, 2016.